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Publication: How Industry Lifecycle Sets Boundary Conditions for M&A Integration

Value creation in acquisitions is tightly connected with actions taken during integration. There is no “one size fits all” approach for integration but rather an interdependency of the suitability of integration related decisions with the industry lifecycle.

Publication: Examining Links between Pre and Post M&A Value Creation Mechanisms — Exploitation, Exploration and Ambidexterity in Central European SMEs

The concepts of exploration and exploitation are types of organizational learning and innovation behaviour and are crucial for sustainable company development. Acquisitions establish the capability of pursuing both exploration and exploitation.

Annual Experts meeting 2016

In the ] annual experts meeting [ an exciting mixture of speakers will look at the topic of “contingency | planning | error” from different perspectives. This two-day event systematically questions the common success factors of management and demonstrates why a paradigm shift in management is overdue.